You can install WanderGuide as a Progressive Web App (PWA) without having to download our app from Google Play or Apple Store. This is the best way to have offline access to WanderGuide’s content and maps, as well as any updates on your bespoke audio guides and interactive maps. You will still be able to receive notifications on our PWA, especially if there are any travel alerts etc.

Progressive Web Apps use modern web capabilities to deliver fast, native-app experiences with no app stores or downloads, and all the goodness of the web. Whenever you launch WanderGuide’s website from the PWA, it’s up-to-date, and you can use WanderGuide anywhere, on any device, online or offline.

Scan the QR code below to install WanderGuide PWA

Or Open any browser of your choice, for example, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. Navigate to WanderGuide and you’ll see the automatic prompt to add WanderGuide to your mobile Home Screen. It’s that easy. So each time you want to access WanderGuide, just click on the WanderGuide star icon on your Home Screen.

Or you can easily add a link to our website to your HOME SCREEN, follow the steps below

Click onto the symbol highlighted and scroll down the options

Click onto the option — ‘Add to Home Screen’

Name the app and click onto ‘Add’

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